Monday, July 03, 2006

Well, it is summer in Norway! Finally! 30 degrees in the shade, and I've been to the beach swimming, the mountains.. swimming! Wonderful! This of course means that I haven't had too much time to spare for Aros, but some work has been done. I've rewritten the coordinate system to use doubles instead of ints, and I've centralized everything so that the coordinates comes from one function alone. This is often a problem when coding a bit too fast :-) Sometimes you end up declaring variables several places to work around design decisions. So now I've taken a few steps back to correct the worst decisions so that the design will be a bit cleaner.
Anyway, I haven't really had any setbacks, just a lack of time. I'm going to make sure I post a bit more often so you people know what's up.
Other things..
I've started making a Dillo compatible version of the Lunapaint website - to prepare for the Dillo port for AROS. Dillo is a web browser with about the same capabilities as AWeb (well, a bit less capabilities, but still) - namely HTML 3. It's a compromize until we get enough developers to take on Mozilla and KHTML. I've also come further on Admin CORE, my CMS system which is used on the Lunapaint website, the soon to be released Sub-Ether website and
Lots have been happening, although not in the same pace as I usually progress in.
Gonna finish this up, I'm going to see the new Omen movie, so I need to run! :-) Later!


Blogger Zevs said...

Hi m0ns00n!

Great work as usual! Looking foreword to the next version of lunapaint. Lunapaint and VICE are the most polished apps for AROS, so keep up the good work!

Any chance for a simple app launcher also? AROS need an icon launcher, too many windows to click through to get stuff started... :-)

Enjoy the summer!

2:16 AM  
Blogger Zevs said...

m0ns00n, any chance for anonymous publish? Stressful to make an account just to write some feedback :-)


2:19 AM  
Blogger m0ns00n said...

Hmm. Must be in the settings somewhere. I'm gonna check it out.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post anonymous :-)


10:02 AM  

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