Thursday, July 20, 2006

Looks like development on Lunapaint catches up again. Painting is now restored after a deep rewrite - and the new antialiasing system is soon up too. There are still some small quirks, but I should be able to fix them during this and next week. Having had a little "vacation" has also given me some new ideas to think about. There has long been intrest in an 8-bit mode of Lunapaint. I've thought about this and come up with a solution without messing with the 64-bit nature of Lunapaints guts. Under the palette, I'll have a checkbox; snap colors to palette. When having this checked, all colors are translated to match with the palette, so that you are sure that when you export the image as a 8-bit image, it will not loose any data.
More to come! :-)


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