Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lunapaint v0.2.2 is out, and with this, I'm making ready to take on v0.3! There have been some changes in how the release is made; the bugs and todo list is removed. The reason is that since there isn't any real interaction with users yet (this will be made when the Lunapaint website is updated soon), there's no immediate point. Besides, the old buglist doesn't contain any remaining bugs, and new ones aren't show stoppers. As for the TODO, I'll make a status page instead.

I hope you who use AROS, either Native or Hosted, can make some images, and send them to me. I need to populate the gallery section of the website, and I'd rather not only feature my own images...

In other news.. :-) I've made a small command line tool to convert jpeg, png and bmp into .raw64 format, which can be imported into Lunapaint. I'll post this binary, including full source, on the Lunapaint website. Keep an eye out for it.


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