Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finally things are moving forward in Lunapaint(lp) land. All the basic functionality is now accounted for and I can start to make things a bit more advanced - in short, Lunapaint isn't only experimental anymore but in fact useful. While I am steaming ahead towards version 0.3, I hope that the users now can start making use of the app and send me some images they've made! The image gallery on the lp website is very weak at the moment but that can change with your contribution.

I've updated the CMS system on the lp website and have started thinking about adding an interactive part of the site. We're incidentially gonna use this CMS system on the new Team Aros website we're planning and also on the new Resistance HQ website. The CMS will be LGPL soon but I've yet to decide how I'm gonna manage the source under this license. I know from experience that both berlios and sourceforge are slow as hell, and using them is something I'd rather avoid. Anyone know of any good alternatives to the two, please leave a comment :-)


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