Thursday, September 14, 2006

I've been working with the new TeamAros website lately - so there haven't been too much work done on Lunapaint - but I still have a week to get v0.2.4 ready. No worries. Anyhow the new TeamAros website will have allot of new functionality, and I hope to be able to finalize everything so that me and Olivier can fill it with content and play with my CMS api. Features will include:

* Task Groups
* Developer pages with documentation, tutorials and so on
* Bounties (like today), Donors list and for Sponsors
* Indepth features
* Team Aros news (not just bounty news)

Ofcourse it will take time to make all the information available, and it will only be available in english, at first. But you will see it sooner than later. The webserver already has "made room" for the new code and will receive it this weekend.

As for Lunapaint, I'm gonna finish up the animation exporter this weekend and start looking at the layers window. Implementing layer hiding and opacity shouldn't be much work, so I think I'm gonna try to get that in for v0.2.4. Again, please send me some feedback on how your experiencing the app - I would really appreciate it. Long life for AROS!


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