Sunday, September 10, 2006

Over the last few days I've been fiddling around with the AROS sourcecode for Zune and Wanderer. I haven't added anything yet, but I guess I'm going to soon. There are some tasks there which awaits interested eyes and I will try to do something about it. Now that I released Lunapaint v0.2.3, there's a serious paint app available for AROS, and I'd want more people to be able to install this OS and start using it.
The biggest complaint anybody has when trying out AROS is Wanderer. And I agree, it sucks. In fact, right now it isn't good for anything but doubleclicking folders and running apps. Each time you'd want to use some file operations and so on, you end up in the AROS shell. The Wanderer code is very sweet. It's commented and properly idented. Not like most other AROS code! :-) But it's very incomplete, and I hope to be able to help expand it.
Then there is Zune. Zune has been bugfixed a bit since it was worked on by Reed, the original author. But he's long gone, and the code is really unmaintained. There's no identation, few comments and... well it's just a bloody mess. To be honest, I'm not looking forward trying to understand that code! It's gonna take a while I guess. But Zune needs a cleanup and it needs maintainers. Perhaps when we're done with it, there will be a new theme engine. That's what I hope anyway.
So all in all, in addition to working on Lunapaint v0.2.4, I'm gonna start looking around in the AROS code and see if I can make some modifications. There's allot of work here for all the developers, and any help would not be unwelcome!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go, m0ns00n!!!

The AROS community needs more people like you! Dedicated and motivated people with the skills to make a different!

Keep up the good work! It may not feel rewarded all the time, but you should know that we, the users appreciate the work very much!

An improved wanderer and a complete lunapaint should kick some ass in the other amiga camps! Let’s make some videos when theses apps are finished, and add some users to the AROS camp! =)


1:08 PM  
Blogger m0ns00n said...


I hope I'm making a difference. I really believe AROS has a future, and I'm hoping that it will one day be my main OS at home. It of course has a way to go, things will improve soon. :-)

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Zevs speaks truely!

I got all excited when i read this, an actual developer playing around with aros!!

Monsoon is the shit!

I Made a pic with LP today!
when i have something worthy, i'll send it over!!!!


1:51 AM  
Blogger m0ns00n said...

I can't wait :-)

11:20 PM  

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