Friday, January 19, 2007

Yesterday evening I finally managed to get into AROS OS development again with a new build system working on my AMD64 machine (under i386 ofcourse). I submitted some changes to Wanderer so that the toolbar works properly and the windows refresh better, plus a small fix to Wanderer prefs. But it's just a start of more to come, as it is very comfortable to work with.

As for Lunapaint, v0.3.1 is well underway and has allot of new features, plus improvements. The major benefit of this version is the font functionality to place text on canvas, the dpaint keyboard shortcuts and working style plus added layer functionality (opacity and so on).

AROS is becoming more and more useful. More developers from the outside (also from the outside of the Amiga community) have shown up and gotten their hands dirty with AROS coding :-) - 2007 is gonna be a great year for AROS! The new web server and ftp server that was just released will make it much easier for developers to test their networking code, and also to transfer files to and from AROS. Furthermore, we are getting networking functionality in the linux hosted development enviromnent, so that developers who run AROS hosted on linux can develop and test their networked applications without QEMU/VMWare or AROS native (it's just speedier this way =)).
The AROS SVN is also now continuing to show activity like just before the new year, and bug fixes and improvements is showing up there.

So all in all, it's a great start on 2007!


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Blogger LoveBrown69 said...

Hi m0ns00n, have a couple of feature requests for the new version of lunapaint; i have been doing animation for long time on the Deluxe Paint and looking for a good program that might replace it, even if your sw is not dpaint-oriented but more TV-paint oriented, have some good suggestion for it:

First, two drawing instruments that should work like in the old deluxe paint: the ploygon tool and the curve tool, very useful.

Second: even a perspective and move tool might be interesting;

Third and a bit wild: might be an idea to introduce a "timeline" and the possibility to syncronize sound samples with the animation, then the final output might be an AVI, MPG, OGG or whatever you think: a good solution for low-cost cel anmimation movies.

2:37 PM  

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