Wednesday, October 11, 2006

With my first small commit yesterday and todays commits, I guess I'm finally a real AROS coder! I've started fixing some identation things in the AROS sources and my first real "work" was to fix the icon listing a bit in Wanderer. I've been annoyed for a long time that the icons have been overlapping (text under icon underneath) - so I've fixed it and cleaned the code a bit. I've started to make some ideas of where to go from here, and I think the first thing will be to perfect the icon listing with graphical list modes and so on.

Traditionally, AmigaOS listed black text on a light background. I really like this and played a bit with different ways of rendering the icon text. Next I want to add some list modes to Wanderer Prefs, like; Outline (from today, only a bit more optimized), Dropshadow, Shadow(old style), Bevelled, Rounded background.... you know what I'm talking about. It could also perhaps be an idea to give all the icons a effect, like in KDE, so you could for example make all icons grayscale, or blue... We'll see.

The big point is that I've finally started on the AROS sources, and it makes me a bit happy and... sentimental and.. :-) You know.

Long live AROS!


Blogger Olivier said...


Your enthusiasm gives pleasure and I am in a hurry to read you again!


1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go, m0ns00n!

Finaly someone will do some work on the Wanderer!

I read your blog everyday to get some news from your work. This really made my day! :-)

What I miss most at the moment, is a 'autoupdate' function. Both in when you resize a window and when inserting a new CD. Would it be possible to remap the 'clean up' to WIN+. as real amiga has?


2:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nice to read that things are happening with AROS!

Do you have a paypal button or Is there anyway you could start a bounty for your work??

I would like to be able to support an active developer!

Is Drag 'n' Drop your game???

2:48 AM  
Blogger m0ns00n said...

There's not gonna be a paypal donate button here. But I'm thinking of adding one on a personal developer page soon - just need to find out how it's done and all. AROS development in itself isn't so profitable anyway (at least not in Norway where $200 is two-three days wages and will get you 8 sixpacks or so), but my other developments could benefit from it if it has a wider audience...

We'll see, I haven't finished planning any of this - but thanks for your support ;-)

3:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done m0ns00n!
Happy to see an active developer around AROS... you know... we will RULE the World!!!

3:16 AM  

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